20 de maio de 2005

Os 10 discos preferidos de Cincotti


O concerto de Cincotti no Estoril Jazz está a dar que falar e a chegar a um público que normalmente anda arredado do jazz.

Assim sendo, JNPDI! vai procurar aqui fornecer mais informação sobre este jovem cantor.

Aqui ficam os seus discos preferidos, entre jazz, rock e pop, com os seus comentários:


Donald Fagen. Kamakiriad. Certainly one of my favorite records. The musicians are so tight and the actual quality of the sound is perfect.


Sting. Nothing Like The Sun One. of the things I love about Sting is how you can hear his many different influences in the music he produces. He can seamlessly blend different musical styles together while maintaining his unique sound.


Ray Charles. The Genius of Ray Charles. It's hard to name just one record that I love when we're talking about Ray Charles. The way he communicates a lyric is unmatched, and his piano accompaniment is never too much, but always just enough. He is one of my favorite artists of all time.


Oscar Peterson. My Favorite Instrument. This is one of the first records that made me want to play piano. Oscar Peterson's fluidity and virtuosity is astounding and whenever I hear him I'm constantly reminded of how much practicing I have to do.


Coldplay. Rush Of Blood To The Head. The songs on this record are infectious and every one is as powerful as the next.


Eminem. Marshall Mathers. Eminem is one of my favorite artists out there today. His creativity, his lyrics, and his phrasing are all part of what makes him one of the best storytellers and innovators of this generation.


Jeff Buckley. Grace. There's a certain emotional quality within his voice and an overall intensity about this record that makes me want to hear it over and over again.


Shirley. Horn Here's To Life. Shirley Horn has the unique ability to really get inside the music and communicate to the listener. Her piano playing blends so well with the beautiful orchestration and you feel every lyric she sings.


Billy Joel. 52nd Street. One of my favorite records by one of my favorite songwriters.


Nat King Cole. Any Nat King Cole trio record Nat Cole was such a master at balancing the art of piano playing with the art of singing. My favorite albums are his early trio records

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