19 de maio de 2005

Novas de Kodheli e dos Nomad

Quando Dave Douglas esteve em Lisboa com o projecto Nomad, JNPDI! travou amizade com o violoncelista que o acompanha, Rubin Kodheli e desde então temos vindo a seguir o seu percurso e o deste grupo.

Hoje recebemos mais um e-mail, que aqui publicamos:

Hello Joao!

Here is Rubin the cellist from Nomad with Dave Douglas.
How are you doing these days?!

I am playing more and more music which is great and challenging at the same time.

I just finished perfoming with my girlfriend a dance production that went really well.

We will be performing this month again.

Tonight I am playing with Nomad at Tonic here in New York and we are all coming together again. It has been 2 months since we finished our tour in Europe and it sounds as if we have played every day. It's a joy to play and forget the craziness of this world.

All the best to you,

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